Empowering Entrepreneurs: How Cunomial Transformed Propel Pitchfest23

Empowering Entrepreneurs: How Cunomial Transformed Propel Pitchfest23


In today’s dynamic world, fostering the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs is paramount. ACIC-BMU, a committed organization empowering entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, orchestrated Propel Pitchfest23—an extraordinary event providing budding entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to showcase their ideas and secure crucial investments.

The Brainchild of ACIC-BMU

Pitchfest23, conceived by ACIC-BMU, aimed to bridge the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and investors, recognizing the untapped potential of both rural and urban innovators. This event became a launchpad for presenting groundbreaking ideas to seasoned investors, encouraging entrepreneurship, and facilitating networking and funding opportunities. With participants from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, Pitchfest23 fostered an inclusive atmosphere, enriching the event with a tapestry of unique perspectives and paving the way for collaborative ventures.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: How Cunomial Transformed Propel Pitchfest23

The event garnered significant attention from angel investors, venture capitalists, and industry experts. The panel assessed each pitch based on its viability, market potential, and scalability. After the presentations, participants engaged in meaningful discussions and received valuable feedback, nurturing their ideas and securing potential funding for their ventures.

The grand finale celebrated the most promising entrepreneurs, rewarding them not only with financial support but also with mentorship opportunities, incubation support, and access to a broader network of investors. Their success stories became an inspiration for future innovators, instilling hope and belief in the power of entrepreneurship.

Highlights of Pitchfest 23

  • Pitching for Investor Funding: Startups had the opportunity to seek funding from investors with an appetite to invest USD 1 Million (INR 8+ cr), alongside benefits from ecosystem enablers to aid their growth.
  • Panel Discussions with Thought Leaders: Engaging discussions with startup ecosystem thought leaders.
  • Masterclass/Bootcamp Sessions: Learning opportunities to enhance entrepreneurial skills.
  • Individual Networking with Experts: Direct interaction with investors and legal experts.

The Game-Changing Role of Cunomial Accubate

A critical factor in the seamless execution of Propel Pitchfest23 was Cunomial’s Innovation Management Accubate platform. Cunomial played a pivotal role in streamlining the registration process for startups, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for organizers and entrepreneurs alike.

Accubate’s user-friendly interface and simplified registration system made signing up for the event and showcasing innovative ideas effortless. By eliminating paperwork and simplifying the steps, Cunomial reduced the administrative burden, allowing participants to focus on refining their pitches.

The platform provided a centralized hub for startups to submit applications and required documents, streamlining the process and facilitating efficient communication. Automated notifications and document management kept startups informed and updated throughout, enhancing the overall experience.


Propel Pitchfest23, powered by ACIC-BMU and supported by Cunomial, proved to be a resounding success, empowering entrepreneurs and revolutionizing startup events. This transformative experience provided a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to present ideas, connect with experts, and seek potential funding.

The collaborative and inclusive environment fostered by Pitchfest23, along with Cunomial’s cutting-edge Accubate, Innovation Management System, lays the foundation for future editions, inspiring more entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into reality. As the entrepreneurial ecosystem continues to thrive, platforms like Propel Pitchfest23 and Cunomial will play a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of innovative startups, driving positive change in the business landscape.

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